I've been having a lot of dumb moments at work lately. Sometimes I wonder how badly they are regretting hiring me.

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    When I was freelancing on lots of smaller gigs, I'd absolutely smash one and be hailed as a genius, the next one I'd have more howlers than burning wolf enclosure - and that cycle seemed interminable, with no middle ground.

    Amazing how we can hear how great we are a million times and just assume it's flattery, one disapproving comment and I wonder how I ever even learned to spell. You're probably doing fine.
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    @MM83 Thanks, man. I'm flatearthed.. f-fluttered? Ah, flattered! I'm flattered.
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    Dumb moments happen to us all. Usually lots in quick succession if I'm anything to go by - I screw one thing up, then screw a bunch of other things up trying to compensate by rushing other stuff to prove to myself I'm not as dumb as I just made myself look.

    Use this site as a guide though - even the most arrogant arseholes here (and come on, we've got a few) don't usually rant about that sort of stuff. No-one cares when devs go through a patch of doing dumb stuff. They care when devs are arrogant, stuck up pieces of crap who pretend they know more than they do, and bring the entire team down in the process. That certainly ain't you.

    That's the thing though - no-one cares, unless its a monumental screwup with real world implications. I spent an entire day wondering why a build script didn't work the other week because I misspelled a filename. The next day I was no better. The only thing that came out of it? Giving the team a good laugh after the most junior member set me straight.
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    @AlmondSauce Hahaha. The misspelled filename made me laugh. I had one of those but it was some field that's supposed to be capitalized when all the others were all in lowercase. It's always dumb shit like this that gets me. Thanks for the story.
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