Nasa landed on the moon with 4kb of ram. I can't draw 100x100 grid on canvas without lag with 1milion kb of ram...

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    Isn't the logic flawed?

    Time to wake up instead of being a sheep.

    Psst: they never landed on Moon but in Kazakhstan.
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    The HTML5 Canvas2D API is an absolutely slow piece of crap, mostly due to one whole draw call to the GPU being used per canvas drawing operation. The WebGL and WebGL 2 APIs completely change this and you can utilize the full power of the GPU right from a web page. You write code that runs on the GPU (a fragment shader and a vertex shader) and also some JS code to send the vertices to the GPU and configure various things. It's not as hard as it possibly sounds, but this enables you to get thousands of fps (if you don't cap it) when drawing a 10x10 grid.
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    I'm sure NASA had nasty lags as well
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    NASA used a highly optimized version of electron.
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    @Hastouki 😂😂😂😂 sorry that got to me
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    100 by 100 pixels, each with one byte for R, G, B, and A.

    They're different tasks with different requirements.
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