I've finished all my work. The Dev life is definitely for me. I love being a Dev. I am going to continue being a Dev. Ignore my previous rant.

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    *waits until you do a typo in a variable name and pull out your hair screaming how much you hate being a dev*

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    Haha. I love this because I just had this entire cycle this morning.
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    @Floydimus or use a sane language with proper types and live a happy life.
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    @Lensflare isn't that subjective?
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    5pm yesterday: Fuck programming! Fuck this code! FML!

    8am today: Eh, its kinda fun...
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    @Floydimus Heh, I found a spelling change in an interface in a xml file. It was changed like 8 or 9 years ago. Broke compatibility with systems. Previous programmer claimed spelling was always the same. Well, sir, no it isn't. The old program wants one spelling, the new program wants another spelling. Literally change of case on one letter. Honestly everything should forced lower case by the system, but whatever. That would break even more shit.
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    @Floydimus let me think for a moment…
    Is it subjective that a language is insane when it doesn’t let you know that you have typo somewhere, leading to a silent and hard to find bug in the code?
    I don’t think so. Sounds quite objectively bad for me.
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    @Lensflare just because of one aspect of a language is bad, you shouldn't discard other capabilities of that language and label it insane.

    That's quite judgemental.
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    NO! Python is SHIT!

    But I like Python...

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    @Floydimus Sure but that’s not just one aspect. It’s more like a major flaw which defines the language in a very fundamental way.

    It’s like saying that a car that sometimes kills it’s driver when he tries to break is just an aspect. The car can have other good aspects but it will still be absolutely insane to drive it because of that major flaw.

    And I feel the same about using languages that have this flaw.
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    >I feel the same while using languages

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    @Floydimus you have a point there :)
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