I am in tears.

My manager had a lot of pressure to relocate to the US.

She wasn't able to do so and had to leave the company on mutual terms.

Not only we'll be working with someone new but also my manager was fucking amazing person.

A gem who walked into my life, flipped my life and now goes away.

Why the good people have to leave...

I was so wrong to think about her the wrong way even when I saw this coming.

I really hope that I stay in touch with these awesome people and grow along with them for a long time.

It hurts me when I lose good connections.

Fuck me! Can't even think clearly right now.

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    You're an amazing, smart person with great character and a strong sense of justice.

    That naturally attracts other great people. Give yourself a little bit of time to catch your breath. Tell this manager what kind of an impact she had, at the very least she'll leave knowing that she made a change in someone's life.

    And then take a careful look at whether your current environment is still good for you, whether it sets you up for meeting new awesome people.

    Wishing you all the strength Floyd!
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    I had about 10 dearest and bestest colleagues leave our Organization in the past 1 year and it made me teary eyed everytime. I realised it is only humane to experience such feelings. I'm not in constant touch with them but the memories keep me going

    You should definitely try to stay in touch with such people. All the best. It is going to be fine
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    @bittersweet omg! Thank you so much. This means a lot to me especially when it js coming from you :)

    Yes, I'll keep an eye on good people. They are pushing me to move to the US and I want to be the UK or anywhere else in Europe.

    Let's see how things turn out.

    @asgs word. Such experiences make and keep us human. Thank you for sharing your story :)
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    @Floydimus it’s possible to keep in touch with people long after you’ve changed jobs. Mates from 5+ years back still ping me (and I them) if they (I) happen to glance at their phone at 13:37!
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    @OldManOfTheC I have such a huge network that I am unable to keep up.

    But if I could, I'd definitely do.
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    I hear you. But the leet time check thing is just that, not an email, not a long text, just an I’m thinking of you “13:37 !”

    Cheaper than Xmas cards. ;-)
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