I start a new job Monday, it feels so great to be out of my old place.

But it also is kinda weird, cause my old job helped get me to where I am now. I along with my brothers and dad were evicted before I started my old job as an intern.

But 6 months into working there and staying with my grandparents, and I got hired full time making $5 more than my dad makes. Me and my dad built up enough savings to own a place. My credit score was higher, and I was working for a title company so my boss gave me a BIG employee discount (this was early into things before I realized how 2-faced she is) if it was my name going onto the mortgage so that's what we did. His savings my credit score and the discount allowed us to get a place 1 bedroom bigger than the old house meaning no more sharing a room with my brother for the first time in my life.

And because of that discount after all was said and done we still had enough in savings to cover rent for a good bit and not have to stress like we did in the last months before we were evicted.

That allowed us to build up savings, start putting more into the mortgage and start paying it down slightly faster, (50 extra a month isn't a lot but it's also not nothing to sneeze at).

I got into the stock market and about a little under a year later i have $150 in unrealized gains gains with a market value of $365 in my stocks.

I also bought a server with the leeway I got from this job and the stability of the new home environment and started toying around with that teaching me I have a major interest in homelab and self hosting which is a part of what helped me get the new job.

This seems like a lot of ramble sorry but it's just weird, 1 job changed my life, and even due to that I couldn't wait to leave it and now that I am I feel kinda regretful at how happy I am to be leaving after how much this job did for me.

But yeah, I couldn't stay another day with my boss. Glad to leave, but also really grateful for everything the job did for me.

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    You are experiencing what is called Mixed Feelings and it is pretty normal
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    @asgs mixed feelings are gone

    after I left today I get an email with her blaming me for everything that caused me to leaving and saying that I shouldn't have expected to be 'babysat'. -_- completely ignoring all I fucking did for her damn company outside my job description this past year most of the time during one of her 6 damn vacations within the past 10 months

    so yeah no more mixed feelings now just pissed and trying not to flip out in anger
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    @jester5537 makes sense but don't let one bad element spoil all the good elements you had
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