Just wanted to work on some of the weekend ideas... I thought let's just install vs 2017... While installing I found out that I can't open any other vs... Not to worry, I thought, vs code may save the day...opened vs code... "Hey... There's new update... since it's normally very quick to update vs code lemme just install the update while vs 2017 is getting installed".. BAM!!! ... Vs Code update process got stuck for 20 mins..."Can I cancel the update? ".. BAM AGAIN!!! now vs code won't open.

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    "Microshaft, not just Windblows, everything else we make does too!! Unsatisfaction Guarenteed"
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    I just used visual Studio code while 2017 was installing :-P
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    @endre86 you still can use it but don't update it while installing vs 2017..
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