One of my colleague is in trouble... He yelled "I don't give a fuck " in a zoom meeting. He told me he thought his mic was muted.

No is not. You fucked up.

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    I mean…
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    @atrabilious he is our voice tho. But still fucked up.
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    @johnmelodyme yeeeeah, but he earned instant cred with half the room. The other half are going to HR. How did everyone not bust out laughing, I know I would…or start clapping.
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    I’d just say i was yelling at someone in my house. :)
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    Did they finally fire him? Maybe Facebok will take him back
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    Dunno. There was one time that I was in an online meeting, forgot to mute and was researching the bug at hand and something frustrated me so I've said "Fuuuuuuuuuuuck" and everyone went silent.
    My colleagues joked for some time but other than that it was forgotten pretty quickly
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    @TeachMeCode Former senior Facebok engineers have the right to do whatever they want
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    I've yelled at my daughter when not on mute before. What made it slightly more awkward was a team member on the call has the same name...
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    It shouldn't be a problem. In fact I wish people were more direct (but not to the point of being extremely rude). Think how much resources could be saved on a daily basis if people were to e.g. interrupt the stupid nonsense someone is vomiting during a meeting and wasting the time of let's say 10-15 people, who can actually do something productive and - let's not forget! - profitable for the company. I myself am pretty direct and had many conversations with people on a higher level then me. Only one of my bosses was a decent chap in this regard. He told me once: I know I can come to you and get the information I want and need without beating around the bush. I left a year later, he left 2 years later that company I was working for at that time. LOL

    Given the new environment (COVID) we have been adapting too, I would not consider this a "you're in trouble" especially if it's happening inside the company that is no client is involved.
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