Interviews for developers should say: This is an error on production. You have 10 min to find the solution on google.
This is more efficient than making developers write algorithms.

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    I've worked for an employer that conducted such an assignment but was not executed that well.
    Depending on how specific the error I will come up with a long list of possibilities and the one you are looking for might not be in it as I don't know/can't analyze the environment.
    A very specific log line like "nginx: <confixsyntax error here>" will give one solution but doesn't test the capabilities.

    Good assignments are hard to create. Just take that into account. It is very possible to do this; including follow up questions to see if they understand the problem/solution.
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    What if no one has yet written online anywhere how to solve it.. ?
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    10 minutes with an overgrown toddler throwing a tantrum at your desk and asking you every 30 seconds if it’s fixed yet. Much more realistic.
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    Thanks for the information.
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    Your name reminds me of:


    This Unicorn Changed the Way I Poop

    > - #SquattyPotty
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    I like the idea

    But if I'm being crass it would require too knowledge of the tech stack and access to git.

    Could be a good entry point though to see if they ask good questions like "What view template engine are you using - could it be an unfiltered string from a CMS breaking the view?" Etc
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    I was interviewing a candidate once and we had a production outage. I recommended we hire them when they found the solution to the outage.
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    Reminds me when I was in a bank queuing as a customer and they had a power issue with all the computers going off.

    I lent over the counter and pushed the plug back in the wall socket..

    Yes, everything was daisy chained to one plug. :-)

    I saw someone step on the cable and the plug get pulled out of its socket just enough to stop the juice flowing..
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    @Nanos you have a keen eye!
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    @devphobe I'm always looking at the world like a small kid, with wonder about how everything works, and what is that and that and that..

    Like I went to visit a woman I had been dating once and the moment I went into her kitchen, I noticed her boiler settings was incorrect. :-)

    But for all my skills, I still can't tell if a woman is really interested in me or not, unless she snogs me, and even then I'm wondering, does that mean she likes me..
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    @Nanos generally speaking, that’s a pretty good sign 🪧
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    I'm reminded one date went very well in that regard, but then she met someone else she liked more, so I never got a second date !

    I did find out what they liked more about the other person, they had a car, and I didn't..

    Hence my interest in building my own. :-)
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    @Nanos if I built my own car, I’m pretty sure I’d never get another date. 🤣
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    I@m reminded of:


    A person of the opposite gender to me told me once that it didn't matter what I had for transport, as long as I arrived to the date on time.
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