Off topic. I'm a high income dividend investor but Tesla stock is really tempting. Should I invest in Tesla? What type of investor are you?

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    Buying high, selling low, that's how I roll !
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    nah, I'd buy all those new EV startups like Lucid, Arrivel, Nio, XPeng, Proterra, EVGO. I've read today that Polestar, Volvos luxery EV brand will soon go public to get the cash to sell their cars in north america.

    But the most potential i see in Lucid
    Lucid Motors: Home
    As soon they release a car to the market i think the stock will do a tesla.
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    @NoToJavaScript : a good they but difficult to have the nerves for in practice.

    Are you buying China stocks right now and selling US tech stocks?
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    I'm the type that invests 90% in index funds because if most fund managers can't beat them consistently over time I'm probably not going to do it. And I kind follow Warren Buffet's advice : if you're too active in the market there's a high risk you get out early and get in late - if you mindlessly pump money into the market you historically make more money over time.
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