Have you ever find yourself talking cursing singing to your computer?
I'm for this example find myself commanding the computer to build 😆.
Got the grip an the power cord saying I'm your boss!!!
Also sang the song "You Are my only exception".
What do you say ? Or cursing?
Or is it only me 🧐?

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    I bet you have the duck in your bed asking if you have written test cases before sleep ☺
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    Once when I was on the wrong side of gacked on Xanax the keys weren't responding the way I needed them to. The laptop and I had had issues since day one. It was suicidal.
    I told it, 'You think you're in fucking charge? I'll show you who's in charge. One more mis-placed key and you'll fucking SEE who's in charge!' It didn't listen. I calmly separated the keyboard from the screen, texted Aseeb, my general go to man in times of need.
    Aseeb was over quickly and spent a goodly time reattaching all the damn wires. We referred to that laptop as 'Frankenstein' from that point on.
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    I'm more of a pleading person. I beg the computer/my program to please work correctly 😁
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    i sometimes "sing" profanities, like when the server is slow af
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