Ubuntu's search is so bad that when I'm looking for a file by its name it is more convenient asking Google where that file resides on my machine than using the builtin serach itself (and Windows is not better in any way to be fair)

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    I think it is convenient to simply use find
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    Are you searching something from the root folder with a GUI program?
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    I'm carring on an awareness campaign that aims to lift people from the burden of using a fucking shell terminal in 2021 like a fucking caveman, so yes, I am talking about the GUI search, and NO, I don't think it is more convenient to use find, in fact I think that should not even be considered an option
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    A caveman is better than a man who doesn't get things to work or doesn't want to use the available tools for whatever fucked up reason there could be
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    For windows "Everything" is a great program. It can search through terrabytes within milliseconds. Amazing what indexing can do
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    @asgs Probably, nonetheless I do not lit a fire by banging two rocks together and I do not search files by using a fucking shell
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    Use Albert on Linux and launchy on Windows.
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