"We are just Macgyvers building digital card houses that are "legacy" codes worthy of a rewrite as soon as they are in production." <- THIS

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    Until we not see software or develop a good process of software creation that does not fail and does not have bugs, we will still be developers, not engineers.

    Not so far ago half internet was down and it wasn't a little startup fault. It was Amazon. Google makes bugs too and Facebook.

    It seems to be so normalized in our society that there is a high probability for software to have bugs. Its so sad.

    And I don't know the solution, maybe just put some AI in those places where we fail most...

    Someday we are going to deliver good quality software that does not fail. And that day we will be called engineers.
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    it's true that the generalization is too broad. You are right.
    We need more people that put passion and care to it's work. And bosses that value that passion over hiper fast delivery.
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