In the distant year of 2022.

Safari changes its logo to more appropriately reflect its position as the new Internet Explorer.

Chrome monopolized the spyware market and is facing another antitrust investigation.

Mozilla finally managed to fire all the developers working on Firefox and replaced them with highly trained dead monkeys.

Brave successfully consolidates itself as a cryptocurrency wallet and leaves the browser space.

Edge has two new users.

Who the **** is Vivaldi

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    LEL I just force-uninstalled Edge from mum's laptop, in your face Bill.
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    @inawhile damn you really showed that multi billionaire by uninstalling free software on his OS which you paid to use
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    @Lebster Get bent, Leslie. Daddy's coming in.
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    I like Edge - I just don't see the point in Edge.
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    What a bunch of noobs.

    Curl + a data cable in your skin is the final browser, fite me
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    @inawhile I thought it became better since it changed to the chromium engine?
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    @jiraTicket I have no idea to be honest. Mum was annoyed that the uninstall button for a browser she never installed herself in the first place was greyed out, so I said don't worry momma I'll take care of it. And so I did.
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    Whenever I hear myself thinking something like "what the fawk is Vivaldi" I consider the fact that it might be like saying the same about ff or chrome before they became popular.

    (but I'm also aware of not claiming it'll become big. might be like betting on Opera)
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    @jAsE-cAsE My only gripe with Vivaldi, Opera and Chrome is data privacy.
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    @jAsE-cAsE well you know they monitor your browsing behaviour and fingerprint you etc. Etc. The reason opera vpn is free is because they collect and sell as much data as possible etc. Look at the ToS
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    @jAsE-cAsE yeah, Chromium, Brave, Firefox (it makes me sad to see Mozilla and Firefox slowly dying)
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