A teacher from high school.

I finish the assignment early, shit on everyone’s head in terms of speed and performances and this guy first praises me, then slams the keyboard with random chars, letters and weird shit in an application which was supposed to only accept numbers.

“But… the requirements said…”
“I’m your manager and I am dumb af. Trust me, this will happen a lot irl.”

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    The teacher is correct, and if you happen to get a manager with multiple cooperating braincells (they might be rare but they do exist) then you'll definitely have customers/clients who'd struggle to outsmart a lobotomized slug.
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    @ItsNotMyFault was, I’ve been working for a good amount of time and I can only praise his teachings

    @molaram truly! One more great thing he did was to show us visually the difference in time execution of
    O(1) O(n) O(log(n)) and O(n^n) functions!
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    Our high school teacher did the same.

    Another favorite trick was that he gave us an assignment and left the class. Came back 15-20min later and slammed the emergency shutdown next to the door with a smug "lets see who has learned to save his work periodically".
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    @qwwerty I love and hate your teacher, I got ptsd just from reading it 😆
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