I think yall will appreciate this if you haven't seen it already. Criticisms of every major language:

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    I love that site :D

    I keep bringing it up at language wars, so people see that they're both right and wrong
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    Looks like Ruby doesn't actually suck ^_^
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    Who actually gives a shit about this?
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    This page is priceless
    "JavaScript inherits many bad features from C, including switch fallthrough, and the position sensitive ++ and -- operators. See C sucks below."
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    @Ashkin indeed.
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    That's going to be a good read.

    Everyone should read criticism of their favorite language (and favorite things in general) with an open mind. It's too easy to drink the kool aid of your favorite language and become blind to its shortcomings. By reading a contrary view, you'll either learn something new, or the criticisms are BS and it'll reinforce you are on the right track.

    Downvotes be damned, but for C++ programmers I'd recommend the C++ FQA (frequently questioned answers) http://yosefk.com/c++fqa/ C++ has a special place in my heart, but I still agree with the FQA, and think it's a good read.
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    @matanl pssh. i++ and ++i are awesome.
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    @Ashkin I read pssh as parallel ssh 😂
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