Read source code and unit tests. Don’t bother documentation cause it’s outdated. Dig into the core, look where data goes in and where it gets out. Everything else is just a wrapper.

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    I like this. This is what I do, but I never thought of it like that.
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    Truth. But documentation accelerates this. You are correct most documentation is lackluster.

    I very much appreciate good docs
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    Uhmmm maybe starting with docs? At least you know what the duck the thingie is supposed to do?
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    @dmonkey I dunno, by the time I've found something via Google, I probably know what it's *meant* to do, docs don't tell me what it *actually* does.
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    @atheist fair enough, but I'd still read the docs before reading the source
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    More often than not, you stumble across small hidden gems and easter eggs that way as well..

    Sometimes you do end up writing code around an API that was never documented and just gets changed without any prior notice tho.
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