Here’s my step-by-step guide for the idiot:

1) take <cutting-egde tech> (Tech)
2) read documentation for Tech
3) figure out what you want to do with Tech
4) if you are being ambitious, simplify the idea appropriately
5) Go do the thing with the Tech
6 When you fail at something, RTFM
7) Rinse and repeat

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    And also don’t use cutting edge tech, refactoring for breaking changes = ouch and also support for external tooling and documentation = ouch
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    @champion01 you lost me there. Try refactoring your sentence?

    But to be honest, the above’s my process for any tech new to me. Whether tech/tool/fw/lang whatever is or is not ”cutting edge” matters not. I don’t care, really. Most of the times using anything that’s even near to ”cutting edge” in an enterprise setting is not a good idea. Learning is learning, tho. Doesn’t matter what it is, if you gain knowledge or skills, twas worth it
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