I really don't know a specific one that might work for anyone, but let me tell you a story about what I did long time ago.

So I was studying in high school and that day I had to prepare for the history "interrogation" (oral exam), but also, I wanted to play WarFrame so badly.

As I opened the book, I started day dreaming about what I could have achieved in warframe if I didn't have to study useless stuff, but I had to stay focused on history as I was one bad mark away from failing the whole year.

So what I did was just to:
1. stop studying
2. play for like 30m in order to achieve what I wanted to achieve
3. go back to study all happy and focused like "ok, now I don't have anything else to do in that game"

So in general: just take a little time off to free your mind and then you'll be able to get back to work more powerful than ever.

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