Hey, Microsoft! I refuse to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to upgrade all 4 of the systems in my house running Windows 10 just to get a new coat of paint and features I WILL NEVER USE.

- Start menu in center. Who cares?
- New snap assistant controls. I don't use the old ones
- New Microsoft Store. I don't use the old one
- Widgets and Teams on the taskbar. I don't use Teams and I hate widgets. Waste of CPU and screen space.
- One big update a year. Great. Now you will add even more bugs and break more things with each update
- Rounded corners. Oh, please. Afraid we are going to cut ourselves on the square one or have you hired a Pierson's Puppeteer as a design specialist?
- Virtual desktops. Which I hardly use but, hey, you've finally gotten around to catching up to Linux and OSX and now allow different wallpapers!

For the love of all that is digital, can you please just make a fucking operating system and make all of the frills optional?

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    Virtual desktops exist in 10.
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    I don't really get the hate but ++ for the Ringworld reference. I love Niven's books.
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    @RememberMe Not so much hate as general grumpiness.

    I use my windows PC primarily for gaming, web surfing and watching streaming content. I have dual screens and already don't use most of what Microsoft includes in their "operating system".

    Guess I'm more angry than I thought.
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    @RememberMe MS broke their core users trust with all the mistakes in Windows 10. They've been losing some market share to Mac and Linux for awhile now.

    I bet if more mainstream devices were sold in store with Linux installed people would use it. The cost savings alone would be in the original manufacturers best interest.
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    Two other exciting features in Win 11, besides the planned hardware obsolescence:
    - A fucking Microsoft account is mandatory in the Home version.
    - Browser selection is harder.

    However, they kept the good things from Win 10:
    - Forced, lousily tested updates
    - Abusing the users, in particular on the non-Enterprise versions, as beta testers
    - Spyware disguised as operating system.

    @sariel I'm happy to have switched back to Linux at home after Win 7, and this time, most of my family end users with me.
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    Ringworld. Touché sir.
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    Hum? Hundreds? I paid 25$ for my windows 10 license... And was the first time I paid for windows.
    Specially now, if their collecting and selling my data, I'm not gonna pay full price... That's like paying twice.
    Price for windows was two months of salary till windows 10... So don't blame me for using pirated versions... Buggy shit after buggy shit...
    I would just use Linux if it wasn't for games and Cad Cam software.
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    I think I might still be using a w7 licence that I got free as a student through uni. I had like, 4, gave a lot of them to other people.
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    @GyroGearloose Yes, hundreds, if Win 11 renders your PC obsolete. Read the hardware requirements, and I don't mean RAM or SSD.
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    @Fast-Nop well... Good reason to not update :p
    Although it runs better then windows 10 on older computers... Wasted opportunity
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    Well technically there are registry hacks to bypass the TPM requirement.
    But this requirement protects me from a surprise update. So I'm glad it exists.
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    @GyroGearloose To upgrade hardware to be acceptable for Windows 11
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    @pythonPlusPlus Yes, but there are no hacks for not meeting the processor requirement and my MB only supports TPM 1.2, not 2.0...supposedly.
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    there are. Use iso/usb and you will only have tpm/ram/secureboot requirement, which can be bypassed by shift-F10, then regedit, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/System/Setup/Labconfig/[BypassTPMCheck,BypassSecureBootCheck,BypassRAMCheck] = 1. Each variable needs to be a 32 bit DWORD.
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    @sebastian I see no point in defeating the requirements if Microsoft will refuse to push updates to it once I do.
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    @JustThat They wont refuse. What they will refuse, is creating updates for problems that stem out of incompatibility.
    For example, if a security hole appears that is only exploitable on non-TPM computers, they will not fix that.

    I have several computers running in bypass mode and they receive updates and drivers as usual.
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