It was sunny outside but the manacles that shackled me to the workstation were cold and biting particularly sharply this morning. I typed "fuck xcode" into the search engine. I found devRant. My life would be forever changed.

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    Xcode silently sobbed in the corner of task manager. I stood over it looking down at this pathetic tool, hand clenched, holding a bloodied mouse by the cable.

    When I spoke, I barely recognized myself.

    "You won't be hurting me again, you won't hurt anyone again..."

    Devrant came up behind me and wrapped their beefy arms around my waist and whispered in my ear, "c'mon babe, let's just end this task."
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    It was quiet afterwards. Too quiet. Processes rummed in the background, but those were smooth and the load flows like water at baseline levels.
    Memory was as clear as the summer skies, inviting productive flights.

    Maybe it was the right time of day. Maybe it was the right time in life.
    But right through cracks in the window, the sun became brighter.
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