Got the GitHub student developer pack in 10th grade (highschool)

I recently made an application for GitHub student developer pack which got accepted .
If you don't know what this pack is all about , let me tell you this pack gives you free access to various tools that world-class developers use. The pack currently contains 23 tools ranging from Data Science, Gaming, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, APIs, Integrated Development Environments, Version Control Systems, Cloud Hosting Platforms, Code tutorials, Bootcamps, integration platforms, payment platforms and lots more.

I thought my application wouldn't qualify because after reading the documentation , I thought that It was oriented more towards college and university students but nonetheless I applied and my application got accepted . Turns out all you need is a school -issued verifiable email address or proof of you current academic status (marksheets etc.)

After few minutes of the application I got the "pro" tag on my GitHub profile although I didn't receive any emails .

I tested it out and claimed the Canva Pro subscription for free after signing up with my GitHub account.

I definitely recommend , if you are currently enrolled in a degree or diploma granting course of study such as a high school, secondary school, college, university, homeschool, or similar educational institution
and have a verifiable school-issued email address or documents that prove your current student status, have a GitHub user account
and are at least 13 years old , PLEASE APPLY FOR THE PROGRAM .

Checkout the GitHub docs for more info..

Thanks !

My GitHub GitHub Username :

PS. I would have posted links to some sites and documentations for further reading but I can't post url's in a rant yet :(

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    This is the link for those that are interested, and welcome!
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    I know of this pack, currently in 9th grade and I think all those memberships holding much importance. I filled the form when I was in 7th grade (13 years) but still no response from their side. I don't know
    Do they send any mail to your school?
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    @Eklavya I don't think they mail schools, you would just recieve a mail on your selected email account to verify . I would recommend you to re-apply with the school documents or a school issued email. After my application was selected , I personally did not recieve any mails from GitHub , I came to know when I was suprised to see the "pro" tag on my GitHub profile out of nowhere.
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    @satvikDesktop wtf I also had pro tag on my profile. Never got any email, I ignored it for months n yesterday I check it out. It was approved 2 months ago🤯. Thanks for sharing and also can I claim the services when I want? Like if I have domain which expires in an year, it will be counted from the date I claimed isn't it?
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    @Eklavya The domain would probably be counted from the time you registered it and not from the time you availed the pack (not too sure about this ) and yes you can claim the services whenever you want as long as you are in some kind of academic institution
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