Incredibly drunk last night.

Decided to take the CD/DVD drive out of my old PC (now a server) and put it into my new gaming PC.

Required a partial rebuild because:
1) GPU was too close to PSU to plug in a new SATA power line
2) CPU cooling lines were directly in the way of the space for the DVD/CD bay
3) Had to route the new power cables of course

Incredibly, even though I couldn't stand, I was able to perfectly execute the maintenance on both machines and I'm even using the new PC to write this rant now.

I must be a God.

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    Instinct took over.
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    @spongessuck not instinct, muscle memory.

    I can make a coffee by hand in the morning, from grinding beans to pouring hot water... No problem at all.

    Anything else: Prepare for desaster...

    I sometimes wonder in the evening why I'm having bruises. Then I remember that I bounced a few doors in the morning...or that opening a top cabinet and hitting oneself with the cabinet door in the face wasn't my brightest idea

    In the mornings I have the intelligence and gracefulness of a drunk ogre.
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    I'm sending over my fucking XPSM1330 for repair. I'll pay in tequila.
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    @FuckiOS More of a whiskey guy but that works
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    If I wanted you coherent for this job, I'd pay in fucking whiskey.
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