It really grinds my gears if colleagues from non-technical departments attempt to use technical terms but use them wrong. It might be gatekeeping but please, use a technical term if you are confident you are using it correctly. Otherwise use layman's words. Using technical terms incorrectly sends our brains down the wrong road and we have to make a mental U turn. And you sound like a masterhacker from a TV show or movie.

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    I'll API you over a good singleton for that rant.
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    I agree and I don't think It's gatekeeping. What would it even gatekeep? The english language? People should use words correctly not just within tech but in all aspects of life. Otherwise we might as well throw all vocal communication attempts out and just communicate using cave wall paintings again...
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    I feel you, but I slightly disagree. What are layman's words? Think of the "non-technical person" as someone talking to a goldsmith or a plumber trying to communicate their wishes without knowing the technical terms, but trying to get as close and precise as they can.
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    Don't they look things up?

    A lot of the time I search for terms and phrases I already understand *just* because I have not done it before. Maybe there's more meanings to it than the one I know, or maybe my understanding is incorrrect.

    If you've got one of those fucking phones that should've never been invented and take it with you everywhere you go, then there's no reason for you NOT to look for a word outside your vocabulary to double check your usage makes sense.

    Oh right, what am I saying? Phones are for bloat and spyware, not learning about shit.
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    I speak English. I hate it when someone tries to use a new noun that they aren’t completely familiar with. Go read a feckin manual or a dictionary then come back when you speak English. There is no leeway for learning around me and making mistakes buster.
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    According to sales, everything is a database or an integration.
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    Reminds me of non-technical people in France who are raging when you use English words as your technical lexical field.

    Like yeah, we're 1% of programmers on the planet, and we decided to all discuss our issues in our own language to obviously make it a lot easier to access information.

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