Recruiter: I saw your resume and I found the perfect position for you but I have to confirm a couple of things.

Me: okay great.

Recruiter: I see you worked for a NOC for 2 years and your familiar with python.

Me: yes.

Recruiter: Great how does 50 sound.

Me: That's great I can definitely do 50k a year.

Recruiter: That's $50 an hour.

Me: Uh...... yeah definitely I can do that. What's the position again?

Recruiter: Senior Systems Engineer for B of A.

Me: Oh uhhh....... (In my head I'm like maybe I can fake it til I make it...)

Me: sigh..... I think you made a mistake....

I regret it but I would have lost them trillions possibly causing the financial collapse of the company for at least a week when they realize I'm not qualified.

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    my old boss used to work as a dev at Wells Fargo years ago, he nearly lost his mind when he realized one of their internal financial transaction processing applications that accepted data as an HTTP Get did not use SSL and the users submitting the transaction requests had to provide their network login credentials which were passed to the web server in plain text ... even if this system is gone and replaced with something secure I'll never bank with them
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    @CodeOrDie that sounds like a nightmare. I probably would have been the guy that set it up that way if I would have taken that job though.
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