So I work with an old ICT Responsible.

Today he wanted some information about the internet.
He takes the phone and start calling...
I was like what are you doing ? Can't you just send them an e-mail ?

He said "no, calling someone is more time efficient and quicker"
So he is there calling an internet provider after closing time waiting...

Music playing... still waiting...

After 5 minutes the call is ended telling that they are closed...
Next he was "well I will send an email then"

Like wtf. How is that efficient and faster ? You could have send the mail and finish any other task... What is wrong with old people and calling everybody for small stuff.

When you call someone, they have to litterally drop what they are doing and answer the call. Just send emails and let them anwser when they have time dammit !

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    Sometimes it is easier to call people when there are people dedicated to answering calls. Emails can easily be missed and you never know if they will be answered even if they have been read. If I call somebody, then I know I can make sure that they understand what the full issue is with full context. Maybe I'm just an old 28 year old though.

    Calling is even more efficient in the days of MS Teams or Zoom. The sooner you can speak to somebody the better. Email will become antiquated one day.
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    He wanted some information about the internet.

    Shit I'm pissing my pants from laughing.
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    @IntrusionCM It depends on who he was calling and what the question was. I'd really hope that it would be a complex question about networking if it was a person in ICT.
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    It wasn't meant in an offensive way.

    But I read this and I couldn't stop laughing , it just sounded too funny.
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    It's called a call center for a reason.

    Also, email often has the same problem as a call: The person receiving it drops everything to check their inbox when they get the notification.
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    @IntrusionCM haha, at that time, the internet was fine and working.
    It was just that he knew the company was closed yet he still called because it is efficient.
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