Failed to make a decent demo for client because spaghetti code. I want to work on the project to sort out codebase to avoid same thing happening again, boss wont hear it and switches me to another project of which I have little knowledge of the stack when we have another guy who has experience in it.

My main project (the one I want to sort out) is so big it should have 4 people full time on it, but it has me and one part time outsourced contractor. I was hired as a meteor dev and he makes me work on an angular project like its totally easy to switch from meteor to node+angular+Jade.

I am a junior dev, boss has no idea how to project manage and ignores advice I give him.

This is going to be hell when we miss deadlines and have to explain to the client why their product has so many bugs.

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    Leave and watch this company go to hell.
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    I am going to stay for the time being, failure is a good learning experience.

    Would love to startup one day.
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