Meanwhile, I see everyone talking about the price of the MacBook while I am forced to work on MacOS and I find that really unpleasant

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    Are you on some torture camp where they force you to use a mac?
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    I don't understand the rant.. are you working on MacOS on a regular pc instead of a Mac ?
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    What's unpleasant about it?
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    My software company granted me a macbook to work on. MacBooks are easy to use if you stay within limits of being a dumb dude, meanwhile windows might be buggy but it does provide you with whole lot of functionality and easy shortcuts.
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    @tom4s I disagree, not a Mac fanboy, but Mac is the closest most big enterprises will ever come to Linux, and it is a Linux system I actually want.
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    @thezla exactly, it’s a regular UNIX system, it’s not Linux but still 100x better than Windows for coding
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    @tom4s what functionalities you get on Windows but not on MacOS?
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    @DEVil666 better UX and UI
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    @tom4s it’s subjective, personally I find Windows a good OS but since I live to work with UNIX shell/Vim I hate when I’m forced to develop on a Windows machine
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