Hello world,
at my current job at a "big company" our development process sucks, something is on fire at all times, there are hundreds of dependency issues, it's so bad that I'm struggling to find motivation.

Yet they pay me well.. Yaay for big companies that refuse to change when provided with feedback on how to improve things.

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    I'm not going to spend a year writing about pros and cons for enterprises Vs startups. You'll just have to try it all out and see what works best for you.
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    Just make sure your progressing with your career skills, keep learning. Don't let big companies and their horrible standards ruin you. The pay may be good but in the future when they inevitably decide your no good for them anymore you'll have to be up to par on skills with others. It's very easy to get comfortable and go stale in those big ones, although I cannot say for all of them. Just keep that in mind and take care!
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    @azndude Yea I'm trying my best to stay in the present with new skills and technologies, and I realized that nobody else in the company knows exactly how a lot of thins work, so at least I'm not easily replaceable.
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    @DarkMukke Startups in our county are kinda rare, and finding one you like is even harder :/

    I hope someday I can open my own company but at the moment my financial situation doesn't allow it. Maybe in a year or two.
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