Who has/had a colleague who after discussing an idea in a meeting will go :
'I just think of @insert_previously_mentionned_idea'

Like wtf... Didn't you hear me explaining the hole idea ?

Everyday I work my ass off to help the company forward and everytime he manages to turn things around like it was all his idea and he came up with it.

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    Consider yourself as a subconscious influencer:

    Your ideas are so good that people will take them to heart to such a degree they imagine they came up with it themselves
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    @jiraTicket He does that with other people too...
    Someone is explaining a problem to a functional and when that person is done, he will repeat almost exactly the same issue.
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    @Grumm feel ya… same smart boiii I mentioned in an old rant which made us waste 2-3 hours to define the definition of done
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