I feel like shit for arguing against my boss who tried to force me into overtime without pay…

I get that I did it for my own good, but I still feel annoyed af for having to do it in the first point. I hate arguing about stuff but this needed to be done, asking to work for free after your employee already gave you an extra hour for free is just… being greedy assholes.

And yet I feel discomfort. I hate so much this situation.

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    Saying "no" the first time may be uncomfortable, but you'll get better at wielding that magic word. If your boss doesn't want to pay the overtime, it's obviously not really important to him anyway.
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    The least I expect from someone asking someone to work for free is either an apology or a bloody good reason for why they can't afford to pay you.

    I've been there, and the excuse was always "that's just how this profession is". Yes, maybe once but it's not like that any more.

    Do it as a favour now and then, but only if they deserve it. If there's nothing in it for you, piss off.
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