The Reptilian overlord has gone bonkers for sure.

I was a fan of Augmented reality more than virtual reality. A mixture of both the worlds.

But turned out that the world is more leaning towards virtual world and the way we are doing it is a big disappointment for me.

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    Speaking of reptiles. Did you see the video of the reptile in a procession with a bunch of clergy in the vatican earlier this year? It was wearing all red like a cardinal. The vatican just recently said it was okay to think aliens exist. Strange timing.

    I have mixed feelings as to what they actually are though.
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    @Demolishun link me please.

    Do you think world be better ruled by Lizards than Human politicians?
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    @Floydimus The lizards taught the humans to turn each other into drugs via terror. Either that or the greys did. Not sure.

    Well to start there is this shit:


    I cannot vouche for any misinfo in these sites, but this supposedly shows which popes were reptiles:


    Here is a commented video of what I saw earlier this year:


    The last link was a video supposedly downloaded from a vatican website. I never found the original. It was truly a wtf moment for me. Like how is shit possible? And why is my church supporting this shit? I have had to face some very unpleasant revelations this year.
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    The reason I say the aliens taught us to make human flavored drugs is because there is an autopsy of a human mutilation that sounds like the person was tortured and harvested for their blood. It was done with laser like devices according to the doctor. This was in the middle of nowhere not near a city in Brazil. I found a link, but it is too disturbing to link here. Had full photos of the body and everything. People can go find it if they want. Search terms: "brazil autopsy of mutilated human with medical precision lasers". I saw this years ago. didn't know what it meant. This year I learned other people are doing the same thing to humans and children to make adrenochrome. Then things clicked in place and I realized the space fuckers taught us how to do this. Makes you wonder why in Men in Black they said they wanted make sure the aliens aren't hosting an "Intergalactic Kegger". Funny, but maybe a revelation. Yeah, I read into everything now.
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    Oculus' VR tech is great, I love my headset. It's sad they're owned by meta.
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    @RememberMe I want to get a sony headset, but I just cannot justify the cost and how it would take time from my family. We are isolated enough. But they are really really cool!
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    @Demolishun Not sure if satire or...
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    @molaram and when you are dying on hospital bed, this advanced and heavily researched tech will save you.

    And then you'll be nothing but a hypocrite.
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    @molaram I never said Facebook
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    "the way we are doing it is a big disappointment for me."
    What did you expected? Just take a look on those who got resources to make it a reality and how they got them. Did you expected something like "VR has to be better than our current simulation and we will change our approach"?
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    @qwwerty I had low expectations but man this was really bad
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    @qwwerty appreciate you sharing this.

    They said the same when Tesla was inventing wireless transmission.
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    @Floydimus The most important idea from the article for me is the fact that all the folks trying to replicate cyberpunk ideas are forgetting the fact the genre was always dystopian.
    Nobody says they can't do it or it's impossible but some implications are simply overlooked, shushed, and swept under the rug.
    Or they just don't care because they'll be the corporatocracy on the top..... but that just adds to disappointment.
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    @Floydimus More like Brave new world. There is no active oppression forcing us into it. People are embracing it on their own.
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    @qwwerty self sodomising is the best.
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    Is Facebook really the company the company we are putting out trust in to take us into the VR age? We trusted Google to do the internet and they dipped us in a fucking toilet and btw tesla ain't any better , if we trust them to take us into the space age we are fucked, we need another Stallman & Linus to give us a VR-VERSE the way it should be
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