Living in a somewhat rural area, local dev jobs are hard to come by. So I decided to look for remote jobs.

I got in touch with a ceo of a company within our capitol, and the process was moving forward rather quickly. Until we got to discussing the salary. The seo had mention something about what he thought was the mininum and maximum salary. I said I needed to think about it for a bit, as the salary was a bit below the national average - but still was higher than I make in my current job.

I later responded with a suggestion a little higher than he suggested, thinking that we were in a negotiation situation. Oh, I was so wrong. This message was met with total radio silence. It's the first time I've been ghosted by a company.

Several weeks later, I got a message saying they hired someone else. That kind of treatment makes me glad I never got the job.

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    This is one of the reasons I won't usually touch a company unless I know the salary range, and ideally benefits, upfront. I'm not going through the entire process to be told at the end they only have a budget of £35k max.
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    Return the favour and reply them your new position and salary (higher then what they offered) when you find a new job.
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