Asked a question on SO, realized the answer before getting any help, came back to the question just to see it was down-voted to oblivion because indeed it was very stupid.

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    I posted a question no one for months on end answered me so I leave an edit saying I had to do a work around some snob knows-too-much user pops up and gives me the answer that simply my code is wrong asks me a couple questions and honestly since I did do a work around I really did just leave it and yes I get it my code isn't the best, the snippet was from awhile back, my deadline was tight so I had to find an alternative but just goes and downvotes it :/ but hah he ain't getting the accepted answer because fuck that guy
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    I hate this reputation bs
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    That's why I almost never ask on forums and always google 😂
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    There are no stupid questions.
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    @zombie01 but internet is very mean place 😞😂
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    @RichiSK yeah same but sadly my situation was something I couldn't find at all, it had to do with getting angles based on screen clicks on an iPad, which at the time seem liked it was going to be similar to how I got the iPhone screen angles, needless to say the guy wouldn't let up that my code had things like magic numbers (they were as stated in the answer for testing since objective-c was still something I was learning, and I hadn't gotten used to everything, like the navigation bar bounds call for example)

    Despite me stating it he blaming says I'm wrong (obviously Sherlock else I wouldn't be asking for help) goes on to give me some answer of "look I got it to work" in swift (very useful for someone new to iOS as a whole) and yeah the -ve vote.

    Forgot to mention my answer although not being answered was edited by senior developer at Apple, lol no real help though but I thank him for letting people see the image links.
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    @f03n1x well at least everyone can boost their ego to the universe levels on us 😂😕
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    @kaqqao Nope, they're onto that. Do that too much and you'll be banned.
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