I feel the need to take a different approach to this week's rant. I think someone needs to defend teachers, for a number of reasons. Obviously this is probably out of place on devRant but it is a kind of rant against those who think they know everything and have nothing to learn.

1) Teachers are not industry specialists. They do not spend their lives keeping on top of the latest framework or project management methodology or code management tool. They are educators and that brings its own set of out of hours challenges and training exercises.

2) They have a course to teach and have probably used the same one for quite some time. Years probably. They (should) teach the fundamentals of programming not a particular language or syntax or quirk. Those fundamentals don't really change. Logic, problem solving, precision, structures, etc.

3) They need to provide a course which will cater for different skill levels. There are always class members who are bored because it's too easy and others who struggle in any subject.

4) Teaching is like any profession - there are really, really good ones, OK ones and there are shit ones.

5) They have probably never developed a detailed project or solution in their lives. They don't know the pitfalls and challenges that teams face in this kind of environment. Should they - maybe. But the probably don't.

I think that's all... I'm not a teacher (although I did fancy the idea at a time) but just feel they get a rough ride sometimes (particularly on here).

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    I didn't actually like the topic for this weeks rant, there's already enough moaning about how shit teachers are on here and college/uni related rants. It seems like there are a large percentage of members that have never actually had a development job and just rant about how superior they are to their teachers. I'll probably get down voted for this but fuck it.

    Great rant btw.
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    From my two teachers I've had so far in programming they are both very experienced in coding as they've worked in the industry for a long time. Especially my teacher from high school, he was crazy smart, managed the schools networks and taught calculus as well. They are far too advanced for me to have any chance at correcting them xD

    I just hate how we have to write our exams/midterms on paper, but I talked to him about it and it would be very difficult to get everyone a computer to do the exam on
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    @JavaMustDie please change your username I love java
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    @JavaMustDie Yeah, I get that. But this place seems to have more than a fair dig at teachers generally. I just used the weekly topic as a chance to give my counter view. I had more than a few dodos whilst I was studying - I know they're around.
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