Brought my old "gaming/music/media" PC out of storage because of a video on Youtube thinking I could relive some glory days. 18 years old and she still purrs.

I do not miss this old "3D accelerator" card though... The only "Rage" in the Rage2 chipset was mine at not being able to play most games because ATI didn't think standards were important.

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    A ++ for the memories.
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    @iAmNaN - Thanks!

    Bought that card at Egghead Software. That PC was mercifully upgraded several times over the years, settling on these specs by 2008:
    - AOpen AX6BC Pro
    - Pentium II 400MHz
    - 1 GB RAM
    - 40GB OS Drive, 30GB media drive
    - Diamond Monster 3D II (3Dfx Voodoo 2)
    - Diamond Viper V770 Ultra (nVidia Riva TNT2 AGP)
    - Diamond Monster MX300 (Aureal Vortex 2)
    - Yamaha SW60XG MIDI card

    Final Fantasy VII never looked or sounded better than on this configuration. #GloryDaysRelived!
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    Yup. Remember that 3dfx voodoo 2 chaining off my Chang labs (? I think) in my pentium 200 MHz with mmx. Good times.
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    "because ATI didn't think standards were important" basically describes the company. 😅
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    @Ashkin well that's changed now but back in the day none of the graphics cards were compliant. Back in the dos days ever graphics card was different because nobody had ironed out what would be a good standard yet. Unfortunately that carried late into the 90s...
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    @Ashkin Exactly.

    @runfrodorun - ATI put a bunch of meaningless bullet-points on the box but proof was in the gameplay. Half-Life was impossible to play on anything from ATI before the Rage Pro because going under water meant staring at a solid wall of blue.

    Fog support was completely broken and transparency wasn't supported on the Rage IIc. Several other cards had these as basic functions at the time.

    On the plus-side, broken Fog support on the Rage IIc made Turok 2 MUCH more fun to play with its epic viewing distances.
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