Was accused of plagiarism because I could write a bubble sort algorithm without a reference (and therefore without a source) in my SECOND year of courses.

Their low expectations bit them in the ass when the admin. made all undergrads take a basic test (for loop going through an array, average of values, etc) and lots of people in their third year failed.

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    How the hell could anyone fail that in their third year... What the hell
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    @nicnaknic the dean had the exact same question!
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    (but really it turned out that a lot of students were coming in unprepared from other departments (having taken courses supposedly equivalent to the basic CS courses), then because everything was group project based they could coast through classes even though they didn't even have the basics down)
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    how the fuck is it plagiarism when you used no reference? wtf
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    Reminds me of my college, some people doesn't even know how a IDE works on their 4th year
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    @SHA-256 if we used code from any other source, we were required to have a reference in our code. I had no reference.
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    lol that's stupid...assuming you plagiarised the code cause of that -.- Teacher can't handle pupils being smarter then him :P
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