Hello! I am Johnny Knoxville and tonight on Jackass...we test in prod with no back out plan in place...and then I will glue Bam's hand to his dick while he's sleeping.

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    A while back I worked with a client who had to provide us data from prod for a migration.

    The kind of bugs they got could ONLY mean that they were coding not using a repo, but that they were coding directly into their production codeset and then using that to run their extracts, OR that they were doing the entire process manually and in a different way each time...

    They were an Indian outsourcing company so chances were they had no code and it was the latter. Hundreds of Indian dudes performing manual SQL operations etc. Seriously, there's no other way that you get the kinds of regressions they got.
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    It's really so hard and frustrating to work on a code from prod with no repo. It's like I'm a kamikaze doing suicide special attacks.
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    I just wanted the make a Johnny Knoxville joke. It's all the rage on my Overwatch team.

    Man I hope I get enough likes to get my stress ball.
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    @deusprogrammer damn starting to wish i played overwatch just to see the kind of jokes they are
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    @jckimble just really silly things like "Hi I am Johnny Knoxville and tonight I am going to wipe my ass on the curtains and ejaculate on my brother."

    Or "Hi I am Johnny Knoxville and this is the flaming lawnmower penis joust."

    We were crying laughing. But it's probably just an indication of our maturity level.
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