My best teacher was with me for C++ in high school and in college. He had the most relaxed, laid back style while managing to both make the lessons fun.

Perhaps my favorite lesson was around C++ and Pointers. Lessons generally we mixed with long ramblings about the military and live coding examples. He was talking about object references and Navy ships when he told a student to "give me the USS Wisconsin". Perplexed, my classmate said he wasn't sure he could do that without a lot of help. So this teacher drew an arrow on a piece of paper, showed it to the class and then found the general direction he wanted it to aim for and taped it to a pole next to the stage. He called that a Pointer to a USS Wisconsin and then asked the student to give him the USS Wisconsin again.

I understand pointers today because of that lesson.

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    @KnightsOfCode He did it with the USS Wisconsin.

    The paper with the arrow on it, had the address of the museum and of course, the arrow. He called that piece of paper "The USS Wisconsin" and proceeded​ to pass it​ around the class.

    Anyone who was holding the paper could answer questions about the "USS Wisconsin". While all this was going on, he was coding an example.
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    @dfox, Did the question of the week change? I could have sworn it said "Best/Worst..." before.
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