With over 10 years as a dev under my belt I never wanted to change company before my probation is even over. I never felt so drained, and pissed off for the entire duration of my working hours, every day for about 4 months straight. I was thinking it should get better, I listened to all the rubbish webinars about the company culture, how inclusive and diverse we are and how they value phycological safety and how everyone should feel safe to speak their mind. The people are fucking reviewing my approved and merged PRs and expecting me to address their comments. Like someone goes on holiday and when they’re back they want to spray wisdom around, and that seems to happen to everyone not just me. When we have technical discussions and I express my opinion I get given out to for speaking too much. Like what the actual fuck, your code is shit, everyone knows it and complains about it, but we should look at what we already have as an example. How the fuck you think you can improve your code if your not going to change your shit. Writing class diagrams for about two weeks at start of each project and nitpicking every fucking thing, only to abandon it after our first sprint as the fucking requirements have changed and what we agreed at the beginning as no longer relevant. No shit as if they don’t know requirements change ALL THE FUCKING TIME AND THIS IS EXPECTED. I was also asked to send a slack message every morning when I start working, when I get my lunch, when I am back from lunch and when I finish work. Have to fill in some stupid weekly update system with what tickets I’ve worked on during the week, like have you heard of Jira filetrs ? Stop asking me how I am getting on if I’m fucking closing all my tickets every sprint. I don’t ask you questions, if I finish all the work you asked me to on time, you can safely assume I am doing fine. Also your fucking back to back meetings are not helping me close my tickets any faster. Already got an offer from another company I am out of fucking here.


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    The point is that not all opinions are equal. Noobs should shut up, listen, and learn instead of "speaking up".
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    If you’re talking about me I am hardly a noob with over 10 years experience.

    I value all opinions, and that has been the case always, problem I have is that when someone ask my opinion and then complains I’ve given it to them.
    Never mind everything is messed up in this company, I gave it some time hoping that the dust will settle at some point but no. Not going to force myself into some rubbish work ethic I just found a company that will hopefully value my experience and listen to what I have to say
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    @PappyHans I didn't mean you, I meant those clueless folks you are ranting about.
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    @Fast-Nop got you. For the sake of my sanity I decided to move on, I see no point of forcing myself into staying and putting up with their shit.
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