So I've announced my leaving today and my dear line manager responded with asking if they could make me change my mind.
Like what makes you think this is up for debate? I literally noted I signed for another place. Maybe you should have thought of this when I a million times before said that I might leave if x or y doesn't change.

She also scheduled an "emergency meeting" with me for today. I'm eager to hear what she has to came up with..

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    Try not to burn bridges, but yes the time to listen when someone is raising issues is before they decide to leave.
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    Burn all the bridges. Life is short.
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    Better yet, burn down the company 😆
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    I've had three different people (one of them twice via proxies) try to do that to me, most recently this week... Two weeks before I go, when I gave notice 10 weeks ago. The way some people think about trying to retain a leaver baffles me completely
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    I recently told my company I had started searching for a job elsewhere (I hadn’t gotten a raise in ages and never had received any training since I entered the company). As a result I got a 20% raise and also some decent time allotted to training. So, as for now I’m planning on staying.
    My conclusion is that it’s better to tell them you’re leaving (even though you don’t have anything on the back burner yet) than to find something and then announce it to them. Because chances are I would have found another job with approximately the same pay I’m getting now but with the disadvantages of having to start from scratch with a new team and new projects.
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    @black-kite I think it's tricky, some places have lots of politics. Literally one job I told my manager, the CTO, I was applying elsewhere, he was like "OK, thank you for letting me know, I won't tell anyone else", he understood my reasons, but there were others that would get shitty regardless.

    I was literally told by one of the directors that it was a career limiting announcement. A month later I had an offer from faang.

    I think the other challenge is, if it took you saying you're leaving for change to happen then what about next time? That said, sounds like they took your points on board.
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    @black-kite that can also backfire as they may just fire you and replace with someone who is not going to leave soon
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    @black-kite but that's exactly what I did. First I said I want changes or would consider leaving. Then I said I am actively searching for another job and still nothing happened.
    Happy to hear it worked out for you.
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    @atheist exactly my thoughts. Even if they addressed everything when I asked them to, I would have remained concerned that it would have to be the same situation should I want changes again.
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    @black-kite Or at least the building, Milton.
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    Hmmm. That's always a tricky situation. Keep in mind that most people won't have your best interest in mind, most commonly is going to be their own interests.

    About 6 months ago a colleague received a very nice offer from another company, manager told him to stay because "tis going to be an unicorn and you've got equity". A month later he was fired.
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    @FuckiOS I have a red stapler, and I know how to use it. But I keep it unloaded at work.
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    To be fair you don’t know what conversations your manager has had with his/her manager.
    I know one of my previous ones tried no end of times to get me a title change and a small rise in recognition of what I had been doing. But above her they didn’t care, there was no budget. There was plenty of money going around but it is more of a “we don’t negotiate” mindset.

    Don’t burn bridges either. I once left a place and ended up going back two years later. It had changed a lot and it became the best place I’ve ever worked. I would’ve never expected that and when I left the first time I swore I would never go there again, but circumstances changed.
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    @TrevorTheRat That's fair and a good point. That said this manager of mine is a little bit crazy nevertheless, but it may have been true about her hands being tied for a raise..

    That's really good to hear. I'm glad it worked out for you to go back and also that they welcomed you back.
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