Intern : "Stackoverflow is the most friendly platform to learn coding. They provide a good certification for programming skill."

Me : " Stop this bullshit before I present you a smack-overflow across your face."

Since when Stackoverflow described as freecodecamp?

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    I don't get why some people describe programming as copying from stack overflow. Unless they're literally doing menial common tasks...
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    @Crost they are confused obviously.
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    Coding challenge. Only copy the question code and try to make it work on your own. It is tons of ready made coding challenges. lol
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    Stack overflow is toxic af. The thing is useless beyond googling basic programming syntax
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    @h3rp1d3v agreed... Stackoverflow community is toxic , you ask them a question that can't Google anywhere and they tell you to Google it
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    @Demolishun I usually copy from the question because Google can assess the topic correctly but not the question, so they likely have the part I'm struggling with already figured out.
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