Quick background:I'm am a student at a university in Alabama. I am also working full time and have a family.
My beginning C++ class was online and the teacher was...unique to say politely.
She would post lectures while she did some of the programming examples. That wasn't so bad, except she would cough frequently in the lecture(which wearing headphones would make me jump), and the tempo of her lecture would lull me to sleep after a hard day at work.
What was worse, she would post "projects" for us to do and tell us she would give a guideline in the code.

Well most times what was asked for in the project was topics we hadn't covered fully or she never explained well. Her "guide" was randomly saying a loop should be here and an if and an else should go here, but nothing else would be referenced.

Dropped her the first time, got a Day the second because I just could not follow her lecturing. I later took the class physically and with a different instructor and had the highest grade in the class.

I later had her for web development course and she wasn't as bad on assignments, but damn her coughing still hurt.

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    This is 100% why I don't like online courses.
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    @starless I would prefer going to physical class for all my courses, but the school is an hour away and I work full time. So it is night and online courses for me.
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