Stack Overflow people have profound buffallo bullcrap on their skulls, they are some software engineers who have fucked COBOL and BASIC, probably somewhere like NASA, just pondering out where someone post a question. They're probably some etilist cult banging a prostitute while delivering that awful downvote imitating the slap they give the chick during sex. They desire questions such as

"RANDOM_fuck_module_Abdul.method() not working in python" or "how to dock the dock by undocking" (tagged: AWS). Not things like "why does the audio tag not work in a PC but works in w3school tester?" or a genuine programming question. Fuck.

We don't tail recurse or loop abc for k in godfuck loops, huh? We make simple things as: a form, a http request to dell.

I hope there penises get rotten in the hell. Period.
this is just a part of SO.

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    Now that's definitely a way to say hi.
    Welcome to devrant
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    While I agree with this notion, I have to say that there is legitimate surplus of bullshit questions too (and that's even besides the ones like "write my homework for me pls").

    Show some effort and people will try to help.
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    Not to defend SO, but from my personal experience, people prefer not to think, read, understand, write thier own code, or do any kind work whatsoever - if someone else will do that for them.
    SO will only help, if you are willing to actually do any work, mainly by writing a good question, much like myself.
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    @kamen I got every question answered? mister. Don't paste the same old advice :P

    BTW, I have seen these bullshit questions as well, Some just spits vulgar and never provides code, but sometimes it is just what I devrant-ed.
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    @magicMirror So what?

    If I say the <audio> tag doesn't work in my PC as a file. But works in the w3 school tester, What am I supposed read or edit?

    BTW, no one asks implausible question that appear in skits like: "I want to create the next facebook. SEND CODE"
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    @Alt-Tab Thanks for the welcome, pal :D
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    heya there champ, got kind carried away there didn't ya? have a beer and welcome
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    @jonathands wdym by got carried away? thanks for the welcome, BTW.
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    I’ll say it the ones that truly piss me off are when someone asks how to achieve something and they are told, no don’t do that, or you are stupid for thinking of that, with nothing more to add to the conversation. Why even answer.

    What I appreciate are people who explain that what you are doing/want to do is probably not a good idea, but go on to explain how to achieve it anyways. Often with suggestions to achieve what you want but in a better way.
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    That's...quite the introduction. Welcome to devrant new person :)
    Now go ahead and make an avatar.
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