I’m now the sole owner of several huge blocks of code written over the course of more than a decade. The principal engineer in charge of these blocks has left recently and others who have worked on these blocks also left before that. In the course of a month, I’ve had to fucking learn and understand not just the code but also the underlying subject principles and algorithms and it’s been a fucking pain. Every issue and feature concerning these modules is being thrown at me now. I’m going to ask for a huge increment this time.
I mean the company is getting the work done at a fucking huge discount. (Imagine what they paid the previous engineers.) I intend to leave this place at some point anyway.

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    what's the codebase written in? this would make this more interesting and the pain would be felt at a greater level.

    for comparison, a lot of my codebase is written in OLD PHP, the "OOP? nah fam, imports, requires, includes and bs everywhere" type of things and it is PAINFUL, but It does come with its perks
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    FUCK THEM! (show this to them, as what the public thinks of the company, ofc remove the parts in the parentheses by Dev Tools)
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    @AleCx04 Worse, C++. I can see multiple styles accumulated over the years.
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    @-red you have my condolences and my deepest sense of respect towards you my good sir. Godspeed and may the lords of Monster 0 sugar/carbs be forever on your side.

    Raises mug* This is for @-red!!
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    Just, purely hypothetical: wouldn't it be funny if you happen to be forced to leave the company, so there'd be no one left with even the slightest clue how the code works? Like, wouldn't that be just hilarious, theoretically?
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