At the end of the day...does the end consumer REALLY give a shit about what language you program in? As long as the app fucking does what it's supposed to right? I feel like this is a never ending rant for me because it seems like programmers will never understand that it doesn't matter as long as the end consumer / client is happy.

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    It does matter for the development team.

    Requirements to the software change, that is a fact! And it is important how easy devs can adopt coevolution of software.

    That might be irrelevant for very simple software, but is essential in higher complexity hierarchy.

    So imho languages especially platforms DO matter..
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    We had a mandate to develop all new software in Ada, but there was a clause that said that any project that was completed in another language could get a waiver. Since the Ada projects took much longer to complete, we discovered that we could use C++ and then submit for the waiver, which was always granted.
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