Windows 11 forcing Edge as browser...


Haven't updated yet... Is it even out of preview...

But wouldn't this be illegal in the EU where MSFT was sued over it like 10yrs ago?

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    I looked through the article and saw no exact technical information about how exactly the browser is "forced" upon the users; at a glance..

    The only thing I saw is how the author repeats that it is forced but no explanation.

    It is not forced; you can use whatever browser you want on Windows 11
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    @hinst it's forced by windows using a specific schema to be intercepted by edge instead of the system default. This is things like Cortana's search functions and all that opening edge instead of whatever's default. There are tools to associate this schema to your system default but it sounds like Microsoft is removing ways to override it.

    Considering how difficult they make it to switch the default and the nags they have and a very unfair advantage (and still fail to capture a good chunk of users) I hope someone does sue them.
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    Not 100% true
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    @demortes Yep they try to push it down your throat real good. Still remember one of the win 10 creators update. All kiosks systems (like parking systems) sporting the switch to edge now! dialog.
    It didn't even have a close button. Needed to force it.

    Not believing they are going to change that behaviour. I'm fine with a default browser but it should be super simple to change and the whole system should respect it. Especially os build in stuff like the login screen and cortana/bing search.
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    oh right
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