This guy just wasted 10 out of the 15 stand-up minutes speaking crap. It was very clear he didn’t do any work so just asked some crap questions just to throw people off. Okay it’s now 25 minutes past and he’s still talking. 30 minutes still talking. He sat on an issue for a week and did nothing. Apparently he’s overloaded with other issues and he’s giving that issue to me now. He already lost track of what test was causing the issue. Gave me the wrong test. What the fuck was he working on ? And he doesn’t fucking know how to disassemble and inspect the instructions. It’s basically a prerequisite for this whole team (and he’s a senior and spent significantly more time in this company). The shit people get away with. Still talking. Fuck off please !

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    Ah the day just gets better ..
    I was sprinkling in some salt and the salt shaker’s cap came loose and the whole damn salt fell in. Baaaah!
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    Welcome to this wonderful world...
    Same here. 'Senior', 30+ years in the company as IT responsible, brags about how he knows Cobol because that was learned in school back then...

    Now he can't even write a simple sql query. Hates windows 10, attend all the educational days but two weeks later, I am the one that need to do that stuff because he doesn't know how it works...
    Then blame that I have time in the weekend to learn all that and that he has to do gardening and cut trees and that this his reason that he cannot keep up with new technology 🙈
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    Well if you're using scrum (my condolences) the scrum master should cut him off after a few minutes. If you don't have any, the dev team should cut him off because he is stealing the minutes overtime x devs of productive working time. Fuck him and fuck scrum
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