It's always the same shit with some developers. Someone notices that an app is calling an API way too much, causing it to throttle. This is caused by a UI that does ~100-400 HTTP requests when you open a page. Someone comes and offers multiple solutions to cut down those requests by changing the UI behavior, dropping the request amount to less than 10% or maybe even zero.

Then comes one developer "WhY cAn'T We bAtCh thE ReQueSts?" Well, you fucking blockhead, what's the point in rendering 300 items on a page anyway when at any given time a user can maybe see five of them on his screen? These numbskulls have zero idea of how to solve technical issues with simple UX tweaks. Learn some UI/UX design if you're a front-end developer ffs.

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    Why are we getting 429 error codes...?

    It means the server has a migraine as you annoyed him too much...

    Too. Many. Times.
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    You can start throwing them 418 status codes so they stop being lames
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    @Ikaroz How do you know your user is male?
    @IntrusionCM How do you know the server is male?

    I'm merely asking you to reflect over the fact that you by default chose masculine pronouns. There is no need to explain why "he" was the right choice in this particular instance.
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    @Sabro Oh fuck off. I don't speak or write english natively. It's the only language where I would have to think if it's he or she or they or apache helicopter. I don't have to do that with my native language and I don't care to do that. You retarded people create imaginary issues over fucking pronouns, because life is too good and you want something to do. Get a damn hobby.
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    @Ikaroz English language dictates that non people objects should be referred as "it", just like our whole industry.
    There isn't much point in referring it otherwise, since then I just want to screw the damn thing just like any other developer out there
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    @HitWRight @Sabro yes...

    But depending on your mother tongue it's just a common mistake.

    In Germany it's a masculine noun.


    Hence this has nothing to do with a specific intent, it's just a translation mistake based on habit.

    PS: Many things in German are masculine.
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    2 words

    Intersection Observer
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    Unfortunately, developers and development companies often create really bad designs and misuse user experience in their work. Although here https://fireart.studio/ui-ux-design... I saw how the developers use a different approach and they are fine with ui / ux design. Maybe those developers should learn from them?
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