Remember the old Battlefields like 1942 I think it was, the demo version, how easy it was to just jump in and play against AI bots.

2042 I hear has AI bots..

So far I can't easily figure out how to play solo against them..

Lets ignore the near hour it took to, no wait, 2 hours it took to download and install the latest patch, and then like treacle work our way into the game, and actually start playing..

Can you imagine of video arcades was like that, queue for 2 hours before you do anything enjoyable !

So, its got AI bots right ?

So.. how do I start a game with just AI bots ?

Of course, if I had ordered it in physical form, it would have come with a manual right..

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    And was it my imagination, or did I just get booted from a game because I shot at a dead person ?

    I wanted to make sure they was dead !

    And not about to jump up and shoot me !

    I know this game has a ton of rules about being nice to each other. ( Kinda lost me on the, its a wargame where your aim is to kill everyone, but you have to do it nicely.. )

    Kinda like Elite Dangerous where if you swear @ an AI and its not an AI, you can get into trouble for that !
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    At least it now installs, since the first time I tried, it crashed out with some bug..

    But I do wish you could just jump in and play for 20 minutes, without waiting that long before you actually start playing..

    Note to game designers, or even application designers, folk don't like waiting !!!
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    After digging around in all the parts that didn't really interest me, I found a hosting option..

    Maybe this is supposed to be it..

    It's like it was designed in the 1990's, before much easier to use front ends came to be..

    My brief impression is that:

    You need at least one real friend or two accounts to start a game..

    You can't limit the players to just AI..

    But of course, this was just an early first impression, maybe you can play solo without real friends, and just AI, so you don't have to worry about upsetting a real human.

    Note, the game mentions that you are responsible for your server..

    So if someone else says something nasty to someone else, its your fault ?

    And where is this server...

    Is this, hosted on your own machine server, or someplace else server with more bandwidth ?

    Since my bandwidth just barely allowed me 2 play, not a dozen other people as well !

    I have a feeling I'm going 2 have 2 code a game myself 2 get AI bots to play against..
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    Well, to be fair ... the "good" Arcades were like this - you went there, put your quarter or token in the line and waited your turn for like 2 hours (not really, but back then it felt like forever).
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    And ever since Bad Company 2 EA has forever done away with hosting private servers - they want you to be a good piggy bank that you are and shell out 50 or something more monies for a paid, dedicated server hosting service... if you want to enjoy playing solo, well tough luck. Battlefield 2042 is garbage and so is the quality of the release (the 2h of initial updates are a testament to that). The only real Battlefield 2042 is Battlefield 2142, not this watered down knock-off that they dumped glitter and sparkles on and then called it a day.
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    Came across this:



    Battlefield 2042: How To Play Solo With Bots (AI Bots)


    Which tells you 99% how to get it to work, just neglects to mention that the first screen you see, isn't the one you see in the video, no that is the second screen !

    The first screen gives no hint that AI bot play is behind it..

    That's the 1st screen on the left of the landing page.

    Whilst on the far right, it hints that this is the way..

    But it isn't !

    So, better menu design helps users not spend ages wandering around trying to find the thing they want.

    And words straight to the point, really help too, so if someone is shopping for "chocolate", don't hide it behind a menu option that says "Things found on Earth"..

    "Confectionery" might be a better choice..
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    So, now I've actually played against the AI bots, what is it like..

    Well, first, you don't get a lot, or even, hardly any options at all...

    You get bots @ level 1,2 or 3 difficulty rating, there doesn't seem any options on how many bots you have, or how many are on your side.

    I think it flashed 4 bots, so I'm guessing 3 v 2 including me.

    But the bot on my side ran off and did their own thing without me..

    Whilst the other side seemed to have 20 bots..

    And as soon as you killed one of them, a team mate showed up to try and heal them, with a couple of others in toe to shoot at you until you ran out of ammo and then knifed you..

    Meanwhile, my medic seemed to ignore my cries for help..

    So, not really what I was hoping 4..

    Half the scenery U can't destroy, so not super realistic..

    And Y has it become so hard 2 kill someone all of a sudden !

    It used to be, one sniper shot and they are dead, now its like a whole clip and they are just wounded with a limp..
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