We have a tradition in our company to post in an anonymous forum about the things we're thankful for when it's thanksgiving.

I almost wanted to post that I'm super thankful to have this job, because I have the ability to stay at home, work "remotely", while the kids are in school/daycare, and just sleep all day because I can finish my task for the week in 2 hours.

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    Ha I work very much the same
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    Same too, when I'm not depressed. When I'm depressed, a task of 2 hours requires a week. Or two.
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    How is that so? Do you make an estimation for a task and then multiply by twenty?
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    @black-kite Sometimes. Customer has two week sprints and often stories have multiple dependencies due to their team structure. It's sometimes very hard to estimate stories and management is adamant that we should keep our sprint goals and still estimate everything. We're also discouraged from taking anything extra from the backlog to an active sprint. I've mentioned this is not very agile to them multiple times, but it's the way they wanna do things, so.. sleep I will!
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    Did the same till last two weeks. Now I have a huge project to port till new year is the best case and so far only I am working on it, though the other guy is going to join me later.
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